Exciting Things Afoot

There has been a little action in the inter web recently. It seems that Hawk and Dove are on Deli Magazine's list of "Favorite Energing NYC/NJ Artist of 2009". You can go there and vote for us till the 15th! (only one vote per IP address so get there before your roomie does)

Also, NPR is allowing the public to speak for their favorites as well. You can go to their site and leave a comment supporting a band you would like to see play their annual SXSW Party. It might not be SXSW, but it sure would be nice.

Tonight the band, plus guest(s) will be playing the Mercury Lounge at 10PM.

See you there!


New Things

There are some new goings on these days with Hawk and Dove. I won't give all the fun stuff out right away... but there is a show at The Bell House on December 16th with some special musical guests, though you will have to show up to find out who. Tricky, eh?
There is also a video from the last Bell House show which was the CMJ showcase. The video is of the song Electricity, which seems to have become a favorite rather quickly.
So check out the video here. And more info on the show is on the Hawk and Dove web site here.

Oh, and don't forget to take a brief moment and become a "contact" on Flickr.

See you for the Free Beer at the show on the 16th!


Everything is relevant, even evolution

I have been reading Richard Dawkins’s The Selfish Gene, recently. You would have been pissed if you were the lady across from me at the library yesterday, who pursed her lips and frowned when I laughed after reading the following:

“Hawks always fight as hard and as unrestrainedly as they can, retreating only when seriously injured. Doves merely threaten in a dignified conventional way, never hurting anybody. If a hawk fights a dove the dove quickly runs away, and so does not get hurt. If a hawk fights a hawk they go on until one of them is seriously injured or dead.”

Dawkins says every member of any society always behaves either like a hawk or like a dove. Some are naturally inclined to be one or the other, but we all modify our behavior based on who confronts us. Finally, scientific proof! Nobody in the band is either the hawk or the dove. We all fight as hard and unrestrainedly as we can, “to the pain,” as the Dread Pirate Roberts might say. Then, gratified, in peaceful moments, we quiet ourselves, and merely threaten in a dignified way.


the metronome

Metronome Graph


Hawk and Dove have some shows at new venues coming up. There is hope that Dave will play the drums in a full metronome costume. John will unveil his full-color graph explaining the connection between music, timing, and sound. I'm pretty sure he will have to correct me on some of this, because though he explained said graph quite thoroughly, I have to say I am still unsure...

Anyway, the shows are as follows:

November 14th @ The Princeton Arts Council in (you guessed it) Princeton, NJ.
November 23rd @ The Living Room in the LES.
December 3rd @ Public Assembly in Williamsburg (for the Childe CD release party).

More Complete Listings @ hawkanddovenyc.com
See you there.



Thanksgiving is coming up, which makes me think of turkey, which makes me think of birds, which then, of course, leads me to Hawk and Dove. Now I could go into a whole thing about what the Hawk and Dove represent, or who is the Hawk and who is the Dove... but I'd just be making shit up. Speaking of making shit up, have you seen how many bird tattoos there are out there?


The Bible Belt

While John travels deep into the Bible Belt, the rest of the Hawk and Dove band are busy working on upcoming shows and the zillions of little interweb devices we use to keep you all up to date. Check us out on ReverbNation, Facebook, Myspace, ilike, or Twitter... Are we tech-savvy or what?